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Top Ten Moments:
• The “Jump Hug”- 12 Step Job
• Eliot dubbing her “20 pounds of crazy in a 5 lb, bag”-Pilot
• The 1st “There’s something wrong with you.”- pilot
• The long way down job
• The DB Cooper Job
• The kindly frustrated way Eliot tells Parker she made a friend in The Juror No. 6 job
• When Eliot offers to kill Dalton Rand for making her cry- the future job
• The moreau conversation- -The Big Bang Job
• Eliot explaining his relationship to food to Parker.-The French Connection Job
• Parker casually brushing dirt off Eliot’s shirt- The Corkscrew job

Potential future for my ship: The show has sort of boxed in my ship with the cementing of Pardison, so that the only option is at first glance a brother sister relationship and a platonic friendship but if Hardison were removed from the equation via break up, jail time or death it would cause them to lean on one another. It could eventually lead to a romantic relationship given they felt Hardison was respected. I have never seen Eliot and Parker as overly affection people. Sex would be strictly behind closed doors, possibly mentioned but never seen. Public displays of affection would be rare and possibly only given under duress or highly intense situation. I think they’re chemistry would come across much like in the DB Cooper Job every subtle but totally there. I think this pairing would make Eliot a bit softer and make Parker stronger. The comedy with this pairing would be a lot like Genie and Major Nelson lots of hijinks and messes but obvious love in the end.

Why I love my Leverage Ship:

For all intents and purposes Sparker should not work after all they are total and complete opposites but there's something in the separate traumas that they have experienced that bind them together. they understand each other better than any of the other pairings or characters on the show they feel no need to fix or change one another the fact that they are so different and their tendency to annoy each other provides great comic relief. I feel the show missed out on seeing what real relationships would look like for them but fanfic fixes that and that is why Sparker is my favorite ship!