Team Grief

Dear yuletide writer


I'm open to anything here honest do your thing! No incest though but I'm otherwise completely open to where ever the muse takes you. I'd love to see something family fluffish maybe Faith doesn't die but its a close enough call to send Claire back through the stones, so that when Brianna goes through the stones to meet Jamie she has a contemporary she's related to who has been left with Jamie.

Friday Night Lights

I'm a super hardcore Tim/Julie shipper but since she isn't offered I'd really like something introspective about his life post-prison or just his childhood that was never explored.

Tim visiting Jason in NJ and realizing he wants the life Jason has, wife kids, picket fence but has no idea how to find it.

What if Billy did the right thing and took the fall for the chop shop what does Tim's life look like unmessed up?

A story loosely based on Speed Trap Town by Jason Isbell

The 4400

I'd love an exploration into how both of these characters have messiah-like qualities and yet invariably misuse them.

Was Shawn ever truly in love with Isabelle at any point or was he merely captive to her powers? if so what's that realization like for him?

Does Collier ever love anyone but himself? If so who why and in what way.

Thanks so much! I look forward to your work!

Team Grief

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