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For those of you who may not know I have a four year od niece with Down Syndrome. She is some one who I can always count on to bring light and joy to my world. Lux actually literally means light. She always reminds me even my lowest moments that there's reason to smile...

For those of you in need of a lift watch this! World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st. If there's someone you know with downs please send positive thoughts to them or Donate to your local Down Syndrome Guild in thier honor on DS Day!

Originally posted by valawenel at How to help Leverage, or Your voice must be heard
This is just one small step, but it's useful. Go to this article and comment, and read and like all other comments. Faye Constantino, author, and Leverage fan, said there's more than 200 comments there already, and the site is crushing down :D She tweeted responses to Dean Devlin and Josh Rogers - remember, if they SEE what we want, and how badly we want it, it will help in their decisions about Leverage future. Also, her editor said he never saw the response like this one, and he's thinking to make Leverage articles constant, though the show is cancelled.

This is her orginal post on groups on Facebook, with link to the article. If you encounter problems with commenting,just try later :D

kids. Gina Bellman is writing a piece on Fandoms, and using stuff she
learned from the fans of Leverage. That is yet to come. In the meantime,
here's a new short piece, based on Dean Devlin's interview with
Deadline Hollywood. Please comment to show your love for the cast,
creators and crew. Hint: Use the word Leverage and at least one of the
stars, character or creator's names to have the highest impact on
saving/reviving our show. Your comments count in the keyword totals that
are tabulated by Google! Let's Trend Leverage all over the internet!


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Fandoms: FNL & Leverage
Title: The Collateral Damage Job
Rating: T
Pairings: Tim/Julie
Word Count: 2,241
Summary: Eliot's niece is kidnapped can he save her?

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Title: Tea Party
Pairings: Eliot/Aimee, Eliot/Parker, Katie Beth
Word Count:825
Rating: G
Summary: Aimee meets Katie Beth

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