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“I still don’t understand why we can’t just live in one of those epic tree houses; you always say we have more money than god why not use it?”
“Parker if our house got hit by lighting we’d die.” He said looking at her over the top of his old green bronco’s white roof top as she stood arms crossed staring at him.
“Could you just give it a try for me just look around.” He walked around the car and grabbed her hand. Their relationship had always been a well-kept secret but since moving to Portland Hardison had wanted everyone under one roof it was going to make things difficult and they had decided to just live together away from the others and were on a house hunt.
She narrows her eyes at the big splashy yard sign. She looks at the brunette wearing glasses and a winning smile. “What kind of slogan is buy a house on a Hill?”
“It’s a play on words Darlin’.”
“Not all the money in the world can buy good snark.”
“Baby it’s not meant to be snarky it’s a pun.”
“I don’t trust it she looks like a skin walker.” She shakes her blonde head in a disapproving manner as Eliot fights the urge to roll his eyes and bark. “There’s something wrong with you at her.”
“And I told you to stop watching so much Fringe.” He pulls her down the neatly trimmed stone strewn path to the door.
The door opens and the woman introduces herself with a wide smile. “Hi I’m Christina, the realtor for this property.”
Parker leans over and stage whispers. “Skin Walker.” He bites back a groan.
The moment Parker walks into the salt box style home and sees the insanely pitched ceiling her heart sings.
She walks further into the kitchen where modern meets rustic, the kitchen is like an altar of mediation for Eliot and she wants it to be right.
She turns to the sales woman. “We’ll take it.”
Parker insisted just for their first night that bed be place in front of the living room fire place. “How’d you know I’d like it?” she lay curled against him wear his shirt. He shrugs “Just a hunch.”