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Writerverse: Table of Doom, Prompt: Stairs

Challenge: Table Of Doom
Prompt: Stairs
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Title: Favorite Place
Word Count: 529
Rating: T for language
Team: Prose
Notes: I own nothing, this is part of my Jenna Verse but can stand alone. Spoilers for S4. I do own Jennasis Winston-Teller

Jenna sits on the stairs one last time while Opie signs papers deeding their parents’ house to someone else. Her mother hasn’t lived here in at least a decade and her Dad has been gone three months but somewhere in Jenna’s mind, in her heart this would always be home. Of the carpet. She smiles sadly as she hears Opie’s voice carry up to her. She chose the curved step
Sits on the curve step with its fraying red carpet. She runs her fingers through the short nap because it’s halfway up and you had to be climbing up to see her.

She’s heard a lot of thing she shouldn’t this way.
“We’re leaving!” Ann shouts. “I’m taking her and I’m going before you and that boy fuck her up!”
“Over my dead body will you take her anywhere Ann! “She hears Piney take a step. “She has a crush!”
“She does not she loves the boy Piermont. She loves him and I understand why. He’s smart and charming and so very sweet but he won’t always be that way. He’s more like Gemma than John, Jackson lives in extremes.”
“So does Jenny.”
“No Honey, Jenny loves hard and she’s loyal but she’s still much grounded and middle of the road. We leave her in this life Piney and she’ll change, she’s too much like you she tries so hard to be good to everyone. Gemma will take advantage because she’s Gemma and it’s what she does and Jax…love like that it changes you and not always into good things.”
“He doesn’t love her back; you won’t force my hand over something that hasn’t happened yet.”
“It’s happening Piney just too slowly for them to notice. My daughter turns into Gemma, an angry broken hearted Bitch and I will never forgive you. Understand that.”

Opie climbs up the steps. “You need a new hiding spot the wheelchair at the bottom of the steps gives you away.”
“Damn, I always liked this one. Primo for eavesdropping.” She replies as Opie sits beside her.
“What you thinking bout?” he asks.
“Stuff… doesn’t let me become Gemma.”
“Never, you’re too pretty to rock the rode hard and put up wet look!”
“Jesus Ope!”
“Just sayin’ Gemma’s pretty but she’s got some miles on her.”
“I’m going to miss the stairs and the house.”
“Not just four walls and a floor huh?” He put his arm around her. “Would it help you too separate yourself if you knew our parents hand sex on these steps.”
“God Opie! Gross!” She elbowed him in the gut.
“Ow you Bitch!” He replied jokingly
“Serves you right for scarring me for life you nasty fuck.”
“Come on we gotta go.” He kissed her temple. “I’ll piggy back you so you don’t have to butt surf your way down.” He picked her up and headed down.
“I’d feel very Scarlett O’hara if you were Jax.”
“Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.” Opie played along.
“Ten bucks says if you run across the living room floor Mom will yell!”
“Don’t run with your sister!” Promptly followed them down the stairs and through the foyer to her chair!
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